08 Feb Photography & Student Life in Paris

As I mentioned in a recent post, Baking Magique is evolving into something more than just a recipe blog. A part of this evolution is taking on contributors on the blog for a couple of reasons. First of all, there are so many talented young bloggers and creators out there and I'd love to see that Baking Magique could be a place where these people could be discovered. Second of all, they can share amazing content which I think most of you readers will love. And finally, this will enable the posting to be more frequent around here, which it hasn't really been for...

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01 Feb Inspiration: Paul Klee

I'm so inspired by the German artist Paul Klee at the moment. His childlike paintings with warm colors, wonderful shapes and interesting composition makes me think of the drawings we all made when we were children. Careless and full of imagination. If you're as intrigued by his work as I am you can read more about him here. Add here are some of my favorite paintings...
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chocolate muffins-8

28 Jan Double Chocolate Rye and Buckwheat Muffins

The thing I love most about blogging is to meet people whom I never would have met otherwise. One of those people is Renée Kemps. You're probably already familiar with her blog but if you're not, go check out her beautiful recipes and amazing photography immediately. I’ve admired her blog for a long time and last year we finally met up in Copenhagen. Unfortunately we’ve both been so busy this autumn and haven't had the time to see each other again until this Sunday. Renée came to Lund and we baked together and walked around in a foggy Lund, which made me...

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carrot bread rolls-1

20 Dec Carrot Bread Rolls

The longer I stay away from the blog, the more difficult it gets to start writing again. I don't know where to begin or what you want to read about. So for now you'll have to hear me ramble on about these fluffy carrot bread rolls which I made about a month ago... They're delicious and fluffy and perfect for autumn (I know it's christmas in just a few days, sorry...). Since christmas is just around the corner one could think that I’d be baking cookies and other sweet stuff for the holidays. However I live alone, and can’t possibly indulge in all the cookies by myself. So I’m baking bread instead.
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overnight rye bread rolles-6

27 Oct No-Knead Overnight Rye Bread Rolls

If you've been following around here for awhile now you'll know that I don't bake because I want to eat, or at least it's not the main reason. I bake because I NEED to bake. When I haven't baked for a week I get all stressed and worried. Baking makes me calm just like a workout can do. Unfortunately I have less time for baking since I moved to Lund. My schedule in school is so different now from what it was in my last year in High School, almost the double amount of hours a week. It's also difficult to...

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apple sourdough pancakes-2

08 Oct Sourdough Pancakes w/ Caramelized Apples

What's life in Lund like? It's great but kinda stressful. My schooldays are very long, I have so many things to do and I'm also renovating my apartment. At first I didn't have a shower for almost 3 weeks and had to shower at the gym. And at the moment I don't have a kitchen and the rest (read one bedroom) is filled with Ikea cabinets for the new kitchen. So apart from doing the dishes on the toilet, living in a chaos and not having time for anything, it's great! I love Lund, I love architecture school and I love being able to sketch and...

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