rhubarb galette-14

14 May Whole Grain Einkorn Rhubarb Galette

The rhubarb season might be my favorite time of the year and I've been craving rhubarb ever since the rhubarb season was over last year... That's how much I love rhubarb, especially rhubarb pies and tarts. My mother often makes  rhubarb crumble during the summer and it's delicious to eat with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, though today I'm sharing something different with you. I've seen them everywhere the last few years but I've never tried making a galette before. The great thing about galettes is that they're so easy to make since you don't need to fit the crust into a tart tin, just roll out the pastry on a piece of parchment paper, add your filling and fold over the edges, super simple!
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lavender chocolate buckwheat cookies-12

04 May Salted Lavender Chocolate Buckwheat Cookies

Renee from the awesome food blog Will Frolic For Food has organized a virtual potluck and the theme is edible flowers! At first I was struggling with the theme because it's kinda difficult to find edible flowers in the grocery stores in Sweden and we don't have any in our garden yet. Then I remembered that I had some dried lavender buds in my pantry and it happens to be one of my favorite flowers AND flavors. Lavender and chocolate is like the best combo ever and so is chocolate and buckwheat so why not make a recipe with a mix of these...

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cranberry granola bars-1

26 Apr Date Sweetened Cranberry Granola Bars

Okay, so I kinda made too many promises in my last post...  Apparently I said something about a french inspired recipe and I also promised to post said recipe the following week. Life(read school) got in the way, but I'm making up for it this week by sharing the recipe for these amazing date sweetened cranberry granola bars! It's been a long time since I last made energy bars which is such a shame since they're so easy to make, yet delicious.
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paris guide-2

12 Apr Postcard From Paris

I’m back from Paris and me and Emma had the best time ever. We walked around a lot, ate more strawberries/hour than I’ve done since the summer and enjoyed the warm weather and the sunny Parisian gardens. Instead of a recipe I made a short travel post for you today with some places I think you should pay a visit to if you’re in Paris. Next week I'll be back with a recipe as usual, maybe something french...

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vegan raspberry coconut milk ice cream-18

07 Apr Raspberry Coconut Milk Ice Cream

When you're reading this I'll be in Paris with my friend Emma. We'll probably be walking through the corridors of "The Louvre", eating ice cream at a café or standing hunched over books in my favorite bookshop. When you read this it'll also be the 1 year blogiversary of Baking Magique! It's hard to believe that exactly 1 year ago I hit publish for the very first time. In some ways it feels like it was yesterday but at the same time it feels like ages ago, like I've had this blog forever. When I started this blog I wrote the recipes in Swedish...

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chocolate chip banana pecan muffins-8

29 Mar Chocolate Chip Banana Pecan Muffins

I’ve been sick the entire week and my art lesson was cancelled on Friday so I spent the day baking since I hadn't had the energy to do so while I was sick. I made chocolate chip banana pecan muffins and two loafs of whole grain spelt sourdough bread for my family. The kitchen looked like a mess and I had to spend so much time doing the dishes. If you bake (or cook) a lot you'll know that it's almost impossible to keep your kitchen nice and tidy. Usually I have a couple of bowls with different soaked grains, nuts and seeds scattered...

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