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Single serving soft sprouted spelt pretzel-28

30 Jun Single Serving Soft Sprouted Spelt Pretzel

My dad: Thea, are you making flour at 10 o'clock in the evening? Me: Yesss... I'm just feeding my sourdough starter... Me and my grain mill(ehmm.. my mum's grain mill) probably have a little too close relationship. I spend more time with it then a normal person should, especially considering I'm only 18. Seriously, how many 18 year olds make their own flours? Even when I feed my sourdough starters (yep, I got two. Did  I say I was 18?) I grind a small amount of flour solely for that purpose because I don't want to store old flour in my cupboards. Such a waste of nutrients when I have the possibility to have fresh flour 24/7.
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blood orange granola-6

03 Jun Blood Orange Granola

I'm aware that this post isn't 100% appropriate for the current season but I actually made this blood orange granola several months ago when the stores were filled with affordable citrus fruits. The citrus season must have been a busy time for me because somehow I forgot to post this recipe. Today I was looking through some old recipes in my folders on my computer and found this blood orange granola. Since I haven't had time to create a new recipe this week I thought I might as well post this one, because it's too good not to share.
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08 Sep Muesli Muffins

These gluten free muesli muffins are perfect for a sunday brunch or as after school snacks. They're hearty, earthy and foolproof to make. You can't fail when making these because you just mix the ingredients. No beating eggs for 7 minutes or beating butter and sugar until...

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21 Apr Paleo frallor

Dessa paleo frallor innehåller varken mjöl, ägg eller mjölk och det innehåller nästan bara nötter och frön! När jag testade att baka det här receptet trodde jag inte att det skulle bli särskilt gott men jag hade fel. Det är jättegott och det är superenkelt att...

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