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03 Jun Blood Orange Granola

I'm aware that this post isn't 100% appropriate for the current season but I actually made this blood orange granola several months ago when the stores were filled with affordable citrus fruits. The citrus season must have been a busy time for me because somehow I forgot to post this recipe. Today I was looking through some old recipes in my folders on my computer and found this blood orange granola. Since I haven't had time to create a new recipe this week I thought I might as well post this one, because it's too good not to share.
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08 Sep Muesli Muffins

These gluten free muesli muffins are perfect for a sunday brunch or as after school snacks. They're hearty, earthy and foolproof to make. You can't fail when making these because you just mix the ingredients. No beating eggs for 7 minutes or beating butter and sugar until...

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