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27 Oct Spelt & Blueberry Buns

Okay, so the last time I posted anything here was in January. That's a long time. And a lot of changes have happened in my life since then. The most important one is that I moved to Milan. I know! It's crazy and I still can't really believe it. Sometime in the beginning of spring I started studying Italian for fun and one thing led to another and eventually I found myself moving to Milan. Well, there were more steps involved of course but it all unfolded in a magical way. So now I'm spending my days in school studying Italian and...

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31 Jan January Favorites

January has finally come to an end, the sun is returning to Sweden and I'm ready to welcome February with open arms. Here's a list of my favorites from January, ranging from books and TV-series to decorated cakes and yoga routines. Enjoy! "When breth becomes air" by Paul Kalanithi: This is the best book I've read in a long time, it's so honest, raw and sad and tears were streaming down my face during the last half of the book. This city guide to New Orleans. I want to go now! Who's with me? This song (and video <3) Flowers!!! I love journaling. If you don't have the...

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blood orange and chocolate cake-4

27 Jan Blood Orange & Dark Chocolate Cake

We all have our favorite flavors when it comes to chocolate. Raspberry, sea salt, coconut, blueberry etc. My favorites have always been sea salt and mint. One combination that I've never really appreciated until now is orange and chocolate but I'm telling you, it's amazing! (Yeah we know Thea, you're really late to the party...

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21 Dec Buckwheat Brownies w/ Walnuts and Sea Salt

Even though I love brownies I don't make them very often. Maybe because the best brownies are packed with sugar and butter and all the good and not so healthy stuff. Not that I have anything against sugar, I just can't avoid the fact that it makes me jittery and upsets my stomach. To solve this problem I like to make healthier versions of classic sweet treats, often I even prefer them to the original. However, when it comes to brownies nothing can beat the real deal! This recipe is based on Jamie Olivers Bloomin Brilliant Brownies and It's been my favorite brownie recipe...

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